We Do Supergraphics

Contributed by Hank Hancock
April 18, 2018

Healthcare Design Magazine recently published this valuable guide to designing supergraphics in healthcare environments.

Skyline Art Services is quite proud of several such projects. Like Children’s Health Nephrology and Children’s Health Foster Care, which serve a single health system in Dallas and contribute to “immersive wayfinding.” As part of a wayfinding program, the supergraphics are an addition to signs and landmarks that orient  and direct patients and families toward their destinations. Supergraphics clearly mark the experience of journey-though and the experience of arrival, assuring patients that they are where they want to be.

Another project worth considering is Florida Hospital for Women, specifically the safari and woodlands themed layered walls in the NICU department, which won the ASID Gulf Coast Ruby Award 2017.

At Skyline Art Services, we can manage the entire process from image selection to installation. As art consultants, we are not just a source for digital imagery. We have expertise in substrate selection, color proofing, and layout. With a team of art consultants and graphic designers working together, magnificent projects can be executed. Integrated solutions do work best, especially if they are brought onboard early in the process, as the author notes.