#SkylineArtCar: Quetzalcoatl

Contributed by Hank Hancock
January 17, 2018

Perhaps you’ve heard that we’re working on an art car for this year’s parade. We held an in-house competition among about a dozen submissions, and our winning design will be Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent deity recognized by many Mesoamerican indigenous peoples, most especially the Aztec.

He takes many forms. He is associated with the wind, with learning, with arts and crafts and knowledge. And soon he will take the form of the Skyline Art Services Art Car!

We’ll be posting our progress on the art here and on Instagram.

Have you seen us on Instagram yet? #SkylineArtCar #RainbowDragonArtCar

Note: The 2018 Art Car Parade is scheduled for SATURDAY, April 14. See you there!