Skyline Art is Hiring!

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January 9, 2019

Skyline Art’s team is growing and we have an immediate need for someone like you to join our team.
Here’s more about who will make a great fit…

  • We value TRUST and INTEGRITYDo you?
  • We value RESPECT and TEAMWORKShouldn’t everyone?
  • We value CREATIVE and UNIQUE solutions.  Doesn’t that sound like the perfect environment?
  • We value COMMITMENT to meeting our clients’ needs.  Do you strive to exceed expectations?
  • We value ENGAGEMENT and ENTHUSIASMDo you want to be excited to go to work every day?

As a Skyline Art Consultant, you’ll lead the charge to develop and deliver custom artwork and curated collections for hospitals, corporate offices, hospitality spaces and more. You’ll partner with our clients – from initial art concept through design, project management, fulfillment, and installation – to guide them through the complex process of articulating their vision and values by exploring a variety of concepts and media to bring their space to life with amazing artwork.

This job is part fine art, part designer, part project manager, and never boring.

Our mission at Skyline Art is to create innovative art solutions with a genuine commitment to improving our client’s unique environments. This initiative drives the team at Skyline Art every single day; we’re seriously committed to this goal. And, because we’re all striving for the same thing, our team really clicks; we actually like working together.  We believe in what we do.

If this resonates with you, please send your resume to Dustin Nicholson.