Artist Submissions

Skyline Art welcomes submissions from artists interested in working with us. We maintain an active roster of artists, and information for many more as potential resources for future projects. We constantly seek new artists to work with so that our projects are fresh and unique to each client’s needs.

Interested artists should first spend time to understand the work we do to decide if we might be a fit. In addition to the following list of considerations, our website shows many examples of the projects we handle and the artwork we sell.

Our Markets

Skyline Art seeks artists in most visual media for permanent installation in healthcare and corporate spaces. The largest part of our work is in healthcare environments, so artists should determine how closely their work conforms to those needs and explain that in their cover letter. Our list of corporate clients is growing as well and may be a more appropriate target for some artists.

Media and the Markets

Typical media that we work with include, but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media works in two dimensions or three dimensions. Most often, dimensional works are wall-hanging, but we also seek artists creating floor-standing work, mobiles, and kinetic sculpture. We will accept submissions in ceramic, glass, metal, paper, and textile. We also seek work in digital and new media.

Because many of the spaces we are designing are public and common areas, we seek large works of art or smaller modular pieces to cover large areas. Artists should show us the largest-scale work they have done or explain the potential for your work at large scale.


Fine art printing and reproductions are a necessary and significant part of our work. All artists in two-dimensional media should let us know in their submissions materials whether they will consider selling reproductions of their work. We ask artists to let us know whether they will consider licensing their work to Skyline Art on a per-project basis. To do so, the artist will need to have high-res digital image files.

Commissions and Specification

While we do at times find suitable pieces in an artist’s collection of available work, it is far more common to commission new work according to the requirements of the space we are designing. Artists should be able to explain whether and how they handle commissions, including lead time. Explain what sorts of specifications can be requested on new work, including color, dimension, subject and style. Typically, we commission new work based on, and adapted from, examples of past work.


We prefer for artists to state their pricing information up front, taking care to distinguish between wholesale and retail pricing. Artists who can furnish a pricing guide best serve our immediate needs as we plan budgets and consider options. It helps to benchmark examples of past work or past projects rather than present existing work for sale. When a actual project arises, we may approach the artist with practical budget conditions and specifications and then request a quote.


To submit your portfolio to Skyline Art, please follow this link and address your submission to Alex Hampton, resource specialist. Questions may be addressed to

  • a cover letter
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a sampling of images of past work
  • an image list with dimensions and a thorough description of the medium
  • a pricing guide, or prices shown on the image list – please distinguish between retail and wholesale pricing
  • for work in two dimensions, indicate your willingness and ability to license reproductions on a per-use basis
  • a guide to commissioning new work
  • additional materials, like an artist statement or bio, if desired.