Art Consulting

Skyline Art, a turnkey art consulting firm, uses the language of art design to compose powerful visual strategies that enhance spaces and touch people in a meaningful way.

We use a unique discovery process to guide our clients through the complex process of articulating their vision and values by exploring a variety of concepts and media. Together we consider the art program potential for the built environment.

We empower our clients to develop a visual strategy that:

  • expresses their unique identity through an engaging experience.
  • demonstrates their quality of care and services.
  • reflects overall workplace excellence and connectedness.
  • contributes to a dialogue about their culture, ideas, and values.


Language of Art

Skyline Art provides insight into the essential elements of visual art, including the power of the composition, line, texture, color, volume, shape, form, value, size, as well unity, variety, rhythm, scale, and orientation. Using these elements, we can translate our clients’ message into the language of art.

Our clients can expect a visual and environmental strategy that sets them apart from their competitors. Skyline Art employs hundreds of artists in nearly all the visual media so that any given art program will be unique, engaging, and remarkable.

Whenever possible, we incorporate multiple media into each project, including photography, painting, glass, ceramics, paper, textile, and new media, as well sculptures in wood, metal, stone, and plastic. In addition, we are leading purveyors of the latest in printing technologies. Such variety in itself adds to the visual interest of any art program.