Texas Health Frisco

Frisco, TX: HKS Architects

Wall sculpture by mixed media commissioned artist Priscilla Robinson. The materials consist of fabric and paper, that are dipped in ink and rolled.
'Kinetic Tesselations" by commissioned artist Melissa Borrell. Made of wooden pieces, these geometric figures intricately bind to each other.
A display of geodes in the main lobby corridor. Putting these natural stones in a high-traffic corridor area elevates the space of the hospital.
An abstract piece by commissioned artist Cookie Ashton
An abstract piece by commissioned resin artist Allison Esley
This piece by commissioned artist Annie Darling contains resin paint and dripping wax dyes
An abstract landscape piece by commissioned artist Darlene Abdouch
Original glass mosaic by Lauretta Newby-Coker, a Choctaw artist. Each piece of glass is hand-cut.
A recycled art piece by Mike Elsass who specializes in the medium of weathered steel. This piece also consists of resin paint and smashed glass.
Brushed metal art by commissioned artist Robert Rickard