Artist Spotlight: Lauretta Newby-Coker

Lauretta Newby-Coker with "Milestone" - her elaborate mosaic art commissioned for Texas Health Frisco.
"Milestone" as seen at Texas Health Frisco
"Taking Care of Our Own" glass mosaic by Lauretta Newby-Coker


Lauretta Newby-Coker is a talented stained-glass mosaic artist from the community of Choctaw Nation, based in Noble, Oklahoma. Lauretta’s choice of medium is not only glass mosaic but also watercolor, oil painting, and mixed media, solidifying her as a multi-media artist. To create her impressionistic and luminous mosaics, she meticulously selects, cuts, and places each piece of glass by hand. Since installing her work at Choctaw Health Services, we have continued to work with her for other projects as well. Lauretta Newby-Coker’s work is on display all over the United States. She has earned a Choctaw Heritage Award, and recently, she won the Grand Award at the 2020 Red Earth Festival, a Native American culture festival. Check out Lauretta's Facebook page for more information and updates.