Artist Spotlight: Henry Membreño

The original acrylic on board works by Henry Membreño, depicting the three notable regions of Talihina's topography.
From left to right is the topography of "Baker Mountain", "Buffalo Mountain", and "Potato Hills"
The series accomplished both client goals of highlighting their region and providing modern, abstracted, and colorful works that will stand the test of time.
"Tall Grasses II"
"Meditation on Seasons" I and II. Acrylic and paper on panel at Fort Bliss.
"Midlothian Ripples" at Methodist Midlothian
Henry Membreño with his acrylic work.
"Texas Topography" - Acrylic and gold pigment on wood panel.
"Totem Wave" - Acrylic and gold pigment on custom wood panels.
"Totem Wave" - Acrylic and gold pigment on custom wood panels.


Henry Membreño is a local contemporary artist who expertly fuses acrylics, pigments and graphite on various substrates. In his work, he aims to develop recurring motions and memories resulting in colorful and emotive abstractions. 

He is a graduate from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York City. After graduation and teaching life drawing in NYC, he relocated to Los Angeles to work in TV production as well as fashion and wardrobe design for Sony Pictures Entertainment. 
Since 2006, he has remained in Houston where he currently produces Fine Art with various art consulting firms, with his art pieces shown residentially and commercially throughout the United States.

Due to his endless talent, versatility and friendly demeanor, Skyline Art has continued to collaborate with him on various projects including Talihina Hospital, Fort Bliss and Methodist Midlothian. Discover more of Henry's work here.