A Novel Approach to the Built Environment for Memory Care

Contributed by Hank Hancock
February 1, 2017

We focus so much on how to build residential facilities for memory care, encompassing all the daily needs, an approach like this one is pretty surprising to hear about. And we’d love to know how well it is working.

In San Diego, a non-profit organization, the George G. Glenner Alzheimer’s Family Care Centers, built an entire village reminiscent of the 1950s. It’s a place for residents to visit during the day, complete with a soda fountain and a movie theater, vintage cars and pay phones.

Says the CEO Scott Tarde:

What’s interesting about what’s called reminiscence therapy – which is not a new source of treatment and care – it’s been shown to reduce agitation, improve mood and actually improve sleep quality. So it’s something that we’ve been utilizing in our centers for some time, but now we’re taking it to a level where we’re creating more of a immersive experience for our participants and for their families.

What do you think such villages will look like in days to come? Lava lamps and beaded curtains? Flocked wallpaper and shag carpet?