ASID Gulf Coast Ruby Award

Contributed by Hank Hancock
November 1, 2017

We are delighted to share the news that Skyline Art Services received a 2017 Ruby Award from ASID Texas Gulf Coast. As an Industry Partner, we won “Best Wall Treatment” for our project at Florida Hospital for Women.

For a women’s hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit, custom wall-coverings develop the theme of caring and comfort for children, illustrated by depictions of various creatures – deer, giraffes, bears – caring for their young. The style is sophisticated and quiet, not overly cute or cartoonish, with tightly defined colorways and layered, dimensional treatments in Type II vinyl, acrylic cut-outs, and painted, CNC-cut aluminum silhouettes, all presented together as sheltering woodland and safari settings. Featured locations – curved walls facing entrance doorways – were made to appear to the patient as if she were “looking through the trees into a peaceful scene.”

The curved niches required bending aluminum and plastic precisely to fit within the 5/8” allowance. Elsewhere, the theme is developed with iconic animal images in a watercolor-style near elevator banks, and simple, cut-acrylic silhouettes applied directly to patient room walls.

The winning team comprised our own Charles White and Carrie Bagnall, and interior designers Robert Vaan Der Bogart of Hunton Brady and Ashleigh Pfluger of TJNG Partners. In addition, Dani Arce at Skyline Art Surfaces was responsible for the graphic designs and illustrations.